Razvan Raducanu

Department of Mathematics
Al. I. Cuza University

PhD in Applied Mathematics at "Bucuresti University"

MsC in Dynamical Systems at "Al. I. Cuza University"

BsC in Mathematics & Theoretical Mechanics at "Al. I. Cuza University"


PHP/MySQL programming, Cyber Security, Applied Mathematics

Web Programming

Part I. Classical PHP/MySQL Programming

OOP, cookies, sessions, MySQL CRUD op's,Js prog, Bootstrap templates integration, etc.

Part II. PHP programming using CodeIgniter Framework

OOP, MySQL CRUD op's, sessions, Bootstrap templates integration, etc.

Database Programming

Part I. Mysql Language. PHP apps

Stored procedures and triggers created and called from PHP with PDO

Part II. Laravel Framework

MySQL CRUD op's in Laravel, sessions, stored procedures, triggers, Bootstrap templates integration, etc.

Part III. PHP MongoDB apps

MongoDB CRUD op's in PHP, MongoDB queries in PHP, etc.

Part IV. XML apps in PHP

Simple XML, XPath, XQuery, XML Schema, PHP apps, etc.


Part I. Office apps

Word, Ppt, Excel, etc.


html tags, css, tables, js, etc.

PR Online

Part I. Social media

Social media audit, policies, crisis management, brand reputation

Part II. Social media analytics

Social media metrics, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, privacy, etc.

Cyber Security

Part I. PHP Security. Common PHP vulnerabilities

  • Data validation/filtration/output escaping
  • Session management
  • SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF
  • Server validation
  • Information leakeage
  • PHP OS injection

Part II. Network & OS security

  • Firewalls. Penetration testing
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Security Policies
  • Metasploit, Snort, ELSA, Tripwire, Prelude, Aide, Wireshark, etc.
  • Kali Linux Forensics
  • Linux Security
  • Trojans, worms, rootkits